Mums are known for being well organised (well, most of the time). Planning meals and doing the shopping, making sure the washing and ironing is up to date with games kits and school shirts ready on demand, doing the school run and after school activities and remembering birthday cards/gifts for family, friends and indeed school friends. So when it becomes known at school that a teacher or head teacher is retiring, Mum will yet again store the information in her memory bank and will already have her thinking cap on regarding the organisation of a monetary collection with other mums to purchase a retiring gift. With so many children in the classrooms of today, a monetary collection can really start to mount up and the question that is asked most frequently is “What shall we buy?” You cannot go wrong with a garden bench – either a 2, 3 or 4 seater bench is a perfect gift to commemorate the hard work that a teacher or head teacher has put into the school to ensure that the children are successful in their studies and go on to be successful in their careers. They have invested in the life of each and every child and a bench will certainly be a long term investment from the children to the member of staff. Sitting pride of place, it will draw admiring glances and comments for years and years to come. There are a wide range of not just sizes, but designs too, and these cover a number of price points to suit most pockets. A plaque engraving with some special words from the children would be a perfect addition and the plaque can be affixed to the bench prior to it leaving the distribution centre. There just couldn’t be a better retirement gift – something that is going to bring back happy memories, yet something that is going to be of use for many many years. Mums don’t need to go into town, patrolling the shops to buy a gift/s, the bench can be delivered directly to the home of the member of staff or delivered directly to the school in a flat pack format– now that is very smart thinking and smart shopping. Time saving for mums, yippee.